Is Stefanik really a liberal Democrat?

I recently read an article regarding Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s town hall meeting with about 100 of her constituents. Stefanik was voted into office by conservatives, which outnumber the liberals in her district.

After a short time in the power halls of Washington, it appears that our young congresswoman has morphed into something other than conservative. Makes one wonder: was she always a closet Democrat or worse, a progressive?

So, a few days ago, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik took questions ranging from the federal budget, health care, defense and police federal funding, and whether President Donald Trump is fit to serve as our president. If a voter knew absolutely zero regarding Stefanik’s positions, one would judge her political leaning as those of a liberal Democrat.

Our congresswoman was against the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” until she changed her mind.

Obamacare fell in line with a Socialist’s belief of redistribution of wealth. It would be tolerable; however, if it provided for those in need and the middle class. But the deductibles are so high that a patient paying into the system cannot receive benefits until after the deductible threshold is met.

Basically, an insured person has a card that says he or she has health care coverage, but in reality it is just a palliative measure.

Stefanik also supports the Environmental Protection Agency. She apparently supports unelected omniscient biocentric environmentalists destroying the livelihood of farmers, lumberjacks and coal miners under the guise of protecting the ecosystem. What these biocentric radicals are protecting is their own happy way of life and taking away freedoms from all Americans.

A former police chief’s stand is most ominous. He had a concern regarding the federal government’s option to withdraw funds for “sanctuary cities.”

What he fails to tell us is that funds will be withheld, if the leadership of those cities fail to follow federal law. We have a problem when a former law enforcement officer, who takes a sacred vow to preserve and protect the laws of the land, decides to promote his own beliefs. For eight years we had a president that enforced only the laws that he preferred. It is time for all Americans to respect the laws of the land otherwise anarchy will thrive making it very dangerous even for the Hollywood elites and upper east side limousine liberals.

The problem with the Republican Party is that they do not practice the Democratic Party rules. Once the Democratic leadership agrees on “talking points,” all members from most junior to most senior adhere to the orders and follow in lock-step. The Republican Party currently leads the Senate, the House and the White House and they still are struggling to get anything done that the American people asked them to do last November.

Make no mistake, Capitalism and Socialism are currently engaged in a death struggle in our country. Should Socialism win, only the elites will live the life they choose. Do we really want to be led by the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, and Sanders? Sanders, the Socialist Democrat, an oxymoron label if there was ever one, is buying a million dollar home in New England. Does that make any sense after what he promoted during his presidential campaign? Why doesn’t he give his wealth to the poor instead and live in modest housing, if he is a believer in the redistribution of wealth?

Now it is not just the liberal progressives that are destroying our way of life. There are plenty of Republicans that are also closet Democrats or progressives. I am a firm believer in term limits. We need term limits now, or we’ll continue to see the destruction of our country by the current leadership of both parties.




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