Plea to the public: Please submit your news electronically

People sometimes submit information to the newspaper on handwritten pieces of paper which occasionally get lost, misplaced in the scrapheap of daily news. It doesn’t matter what it is — a senior club’s accounting of its recent meeting or a juicy crime report– it could get lost.

There’s really a better way. Please submit you news electronically.

Trust me, Gutenberg won’t be offended.

Really, I’ve seen a lot of information flow into The Leader-Herald in over 32 years and now I’m challenging everyone to merely submit news items electronically. It really would make everyone’s life easier. I wouldn’t have to waste valuable time retyping words into a computer, and take the chance of getting it wrong.

There’s a multitude of ways to improve the information exchange from the public. We’re willing to take baby steps here. I like to think virtually everyone has access to a computer nowadays.

Heck, I don’t even know why we all still use fax machines. One area police agency handwrites its reports and then faxes it to us. People can send news releases by email to news@leaderherald.com; or through the Virtual Newsroom at our website at leaderherald.com.

Whether it’s obituaries, government or school board agendas, sports scores, college dean’s and graduation lists, urgent announcements, or straight out news releases, it can all be forwarded to the third floor newsroom by a few simple keystrokes.

We love hearing from the public and value your input mightily. You are what keeps us going as a newspaper. As a reporter, one of my pleasures over the years has been to build up wonderful relationships with the public. All I’m saying is news is much more efficiently disseminated electronically. There’s also more accuracy involved when the reader/writer doesn’t have to decipher words originally committed to a lined sheet of paper.

∫ Two upcoming events this year are destined to help out in the marketing and success of the new Tryon Technology Park in Perth. Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Brokers Inc. will sponsor a symposium at 10 a.m. June 21 at Tryon. Members of the Site Selectors Guild will also attend a forum from Sept. 6 to 8 at sites to be named.

∫ This Western New York native is always impressed how small, rural areas like Fulton County handle snow removal.

Good for them. I’m sorry, but I refuse to be one of the area’s whiners about snow plowing. Maybe it’s because I realize as a reporter how much it costs both budgetwise and manpowerwise.

Sometimes, municipalities aren’t quite up to snuff with either. But you can be rest assured when you’re comfortable in your jammies on a cold winter night, crews are out there trying to clear snow from your street.

∫ Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino is getting downright angry about the number of serious and fatal snowmobile accidents occurring this winter. Some people will do what they want to contribute to recklessness on the lakes. This paper and the sheriff will do our part to shine a light on this horrible situation.

∫ I have run into this situation at Johnstown High School several times, and it happened again Thursday night. I consider myself semi-handicapped, walking with a cane because of various problems with my left leg.

With the Sir Bill Circle and the parking lot so far from the front door at JHS, it’s been quite a marathon effort to walk from the lot to the front door to get into a Board of Education meeting. I also have a bad heart to boot.

On a cold, wintry night, the adventure is even more arctic. Just picture early South Pole explorers. Anyway, how about a handicapped spot near the main entrance, Greater Johnstown School District?

Maybe the new $40 million capital project can solve some of this issue.


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