GOP inherits divided country

A young, handsome, intelligent man with oratory gifts rivaled only by superbly trained and gifted actors is voted into the highest office in the land. A land already divided by years of foreign wars, economic decline, and general malaise. The promise of reconciliation between disparate groups of people is as high as it has ever been. Success is just in a matter of time, but instead, the divide grew wider: class, gender, and race strife; blind eye to illegal immigration; celebrity and media disinformation; failure to call radical Islamist terrorism for what it is – a menace to Western values; and disrespect for law and order. Eight years later, the land is more divided than in any previous time since the Civil War.

“For in concord, small things grow; in discord great things collapse.” Make no mistake the Progressives are afraid that President Trump will succeed in repairing the great schism created by either an incompetent administration or an intentionally clever strategy design to destroy our customs and traditions.

The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party will continue to throw issues on the wall until one or two stick, creating drama that allows the liberal complicit media to further broadcast even more disinformation regarding President Trump’s agenda.

If they are successful in slowing down or reversing the positive movement of the current administration, then the progressive movement catapulted by the last administration will continue to grow government until it is the sole capitalist in the nation. Our lives will then be controlled by the government super elites since they know what is best for each individual citizens. For now, let’s review some of the divisive issues left behind by previous Democratic adminis- trations.

What was two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2009, which were contained to those countries, metastasized into wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen by 2016, creating massive refuge catastrophes that spilled into Europe and the United States.

Our number one ally in the Middle East, Israel, was routinely treated with animosity, although cleverly camouflaged by hiding one thing in the heart and having something else ready in actions, by valuing friendship and enmity according to convenience and not substance, and by putting up a good face rather than have a good heart.

Finally, a stab in the back as the administration is walking out the door. The United States abstain from voting in the United Nations Security Council putting Israel’s sovereignty in peril. In the meantime, the United States signs a sweet deal with Iran that gives them billions of dollars, a country that broadcasts to the world that it wants to incinerate Israel from the face of the earth.

Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter further increased the country’s divide. One movement promoting invidious tension between the classes and the other by creating a misanthropic canyon between the races and creeds. The result was multiple assaults on law enforcement officer that took a horrific human toll on the families of the fallen.

The first responsibility of the president is the protection of its citizens against all foreign and domestic enemies. It is no secret that borders are, truly, a defense to those who chose to obey them, but are only a testimony against the lawlessness of those who break through them. Nation’s leaders are responsible and accountable for enforcing all laws in the books. Yet, over the last eight years we saw the country’s leadership only enforce the laws that they liked. Many Democratic cities continue to support the idea of “sanctuary city” despite the real danger it poses to its legal residents.

Recently a celebrity said something to the effect that she thought about blowing up the White House. Many people willingly follow celebrities and political leaders who think that the most important activity is to court, greet people, and seek influence through fund raising dinner parties and protesting against person(s) or ideas they disagree with, yet their own ideas are completely incomprehensible. For those people Psalm 118 is highly recommended: “Far better to take refuge in God than trust in celebrities.”

A great man once said: “The words of truth are simple, and justice needs no subtle interpretation, for it has a fitness in itself; but the words of injustice, being rotten in themselves, require clever treatment.” Radical Islamists terrorists murdered innocent people from San Bernardino to Orlando to Benghazi and throughout the world yet we were told the problem was not with the radical Islamic murderers but with Western civilization values.

China modernizes its military capabilities, claim international waters as their own and create fortified new islands. Iran’s coffers are newly filled with billions of dollars to support international terrorism and continue to test missiles with the capacity to carry a nuclear weapon. North Korea never fails to create tension in the region while testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons and promotes aggressive behavior to its neighbor to the South. Yet for eight years a progressive administration repeatedly told us America is now more respected than ever before.

Now we have a president that is undoubtedly simple and straightforward of character. That tells you what he is going to do openly and then does what he promised. He prefers to be good rather than seem to be good. The more vigorously you act, the weaker the progressive’s cause will be; if they sense weakness, only a little, immediately they will pounce upon you with new resolve. So, keep fighting Mister President for the American people.

Rafael Polo lives in Northville