A strong leader must have a vision, plan and purpose

A leader is required to be a visionary. A leader must have a plan and purpose for the organization he manages or country he will be governing.

A leader who has vision foresees where his organization or country will be say five years hence.

A leader strategically maps out a strategy to improve or better the country or organization he presides over. He studies trends and statistics.

A leader of a country, for example, envisions his nation having low unemployment rates, a robust economy, low interest rates on real estate mortgages, a society not in social upheaval and Constitutional Freedoms unabridged which is the topic of this guest column.

Donald John Trump, our 45th president, a man with vision and foresight is going to safeguard our freedoms. He took the inaugural oath to protect our Constitutional rights: First, President Trump has vowed to defend religious freedoms as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Lesbians Gay Bisexual Transgender elitists pose a threat towards Christian bakers and florists. LGBT elitists have brought lawsuits against Christian coalitions. These entrepreneurs have been persecuted for their Christian virtues. The Bible denounces gay perversion. The Supreme Court upheld gay marriages in 2015. LGBT elitists challenged traditional marriages between man and woman.

Second, President Trump has vowed to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices to the bench. In the past, Supreme Court justices have clamped down on religious expression: The removal of the Ten Commandments from public forums, banning free expression of Christian prayer and Bibles from classrooms, ratifying Roe versus Wade in 1973, granting abortions to pregnant women. Life begins at conception when egg from woman’s ovaries unites with male’s sperm.

Thirdly, President Trump’s plan is to bring to a cessation abortion performances — the annihilation of human embryos. Abortion would be very much sanctioned or ratified by Hitler if he were alive.

In the future, during the great tribulation, the anti-Christ, a man, will kill Christians converted at that time for refusal to accept the Mark of the Beast 666.

Fourthly, President Trump has vowed to end illegal immigration in America. Illegal immigrants have usurped jobs from legalized citizens in a free market enterprise. Trump decries illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are partaking of civil and Constitutional Freedoms only legalized citizens have rights to.

Kelly Shackleford, president of First Liberty Lawfirm stated, “This is a huge election result on the issue of religious liberty.”

So, to summarize all I have written, Donald Trump’s vision for America is to see: 1. The rights of unborn protected. 2. Conservative Supreme Court justices nominated. 3. Illegal immigrants deported. 4. Religious rights upheld.

John Sirtoli lives in Gloversville.