Fetuses deserve life

Nothing is more precious than observing a fetus on a sonogram. A sonogram reveals an image of life in the making. A sonogram, for example, reveals a fetus in motion. The termination of a pregnancy by teenage girls can devastate them and they may contemplate suicide. Guilt is a cause for suicidal feelings. An article published in The Leader-Herald noted nearly 5,300 U.S. residents younger than 24 took their own lives in 2013. What these teenagers fail to realize is God is unconditional love and forgiveness.

In this column I would like to address the right to life, the resistance of abortionists, the rebels of female pregnancies, the righteousness of pro-lifers and conclude with the genocide of the innocent.

First, we come to the issue of the right to life. A woman’s womb is an organ with a specific function, primarily for the creation of the baby. In the womb, the fetus is attached to a woman’s umbilical cord. The fetus, therefore, is linked to a mother’s body. This is God’s design for motherhood.

Second, we come to the issue of the resistance of abortionists. Let me briefly state abortionists fighting to push abortion legislation contend a fetus is a mere glob of tissue. The Bible says otherwise. For example, in the gospel, it states Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist, felt the baby leap in her womb.

Third, we come to the issue of the rebels of pregnancies. Closely related to my second point, rebels of female pregnancies who believe a fetus is a glob of tissue are insisting parts of a fetus be used for medical research. This advocating of using parts of a fetus for medical research is evil, barbaric, Satanic, sadistic, etc. The mere slaughter of a fetus for medical research is tantamount to capital murder.

Fourth, we come to the issue of the righteousness of pro-lifers. Many pro-lifers contend life begins at conception, when the sperm from man and egg from woman’s ovaries unite. Pro-lifers contend the regularity of abortions displays a woman’s insensitivity to the unique creation of a human being occurring within her body. Christians who are vehemently against abortion contend for a woman to abort her fetus is grieving the Holy Spirit, if I may so speak in a religious vein. Yet a pregnant woman who commits an abortion can be forgiven by God. To slaughter a fetus is akin to butchering without impunity. Medical science has progressively evolved over the years. At the turn of the 19th century, there were no ultrasounds and sonograms. Medical science will advance to the point that there will be conclusively no question that a fetus is alive and living.

What is my stance on this entire issue? I feel abortion is genocide of the innocent. I feel the Hitler era is re-emerging. As Adolf Hitler desired the annihilation of people he considered undesirables such as the physically and mentally impaired, in this millennial era we live in, the 21st century, undesirables are fetuses in women’s wombs.

Hitler was a deranged, demon-possessed man. When a woman insensitively aborts a fetus, she is in essence stating or making a statement she considers the fetus within her womb an undesirable who has no right to live.

Everyone has a right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” which is inclusive of a living, breathing, heart-beating fetus within the womb of a woman despite the possibility he or she may be born with mental retardation or cerebral palsy.

John Sirtoli is a resident of Gloversville.