Letters to the editor — 9/15/2021

Kudos in order for activity in downtown Gloversville

Just wanted to take a moment and say “Great Job” to the Gloversville Development Committee and Mayor Vince DeSantis as well as the Micropolis Development Group for what is going on in downtown Gloversville. I was feeling a bit down and lonely recently, so I decided to stop by The Food Truck Friday event and see what it was all about. To my happy foodie heart, I was able to get two of the best tacos I have had in forever! I also was able to find a seat in the clean and well-arranged Castiglione Park and listen to some lovely live music. After lunch I ventured over to the new Agora Marketplace where I tried some new baked goods and bought some lovely facial care items. It’s quite the fun place to poke around. I strolled down the street and checked out Into Wishin’ Studio and Crystal Shop and was quite delighted at the selections of lovely crystals. Drawn in by the name, I stopped in Freya’s Forest and had a lovely chat with its owner. It was nice to be out and among people and happy to have places to pop in and shop and chat. Now let’s talk about those tacos….

Melissa M.



GHA employees deserve accolades

As we celebrated Labor Day and all that it means for labor during a pandemic, I want to tell you about a group of unsung heroes that continue to do their job no matter what is thrown at them. This group has worked during the pandemic to make sure vulnerable members in our community had a safe place to live. The members of the Gloversville Housing Authority have been there day in and day out doing what needs to be done.

They have done this at significant risk to themselves. The GHA board hadn’t implemented a protocol for safety and at times didn’t have enough safety equipment for the employees. Once they were even denied an order for gloves. The employees took it upon themselves to seek masks from other sources so they could do their job safely.

During the pandemic the board held all their meetings via zoom while the maintenance staff continued their work such as inspections, general maintenance, emergency work orders, and meeting with residents and entering apartments.

What do these hardworking individuals receive in return? Certainly, the gratitude of the residents, the appreciation of many community members, but unfortunately silence from management. Why has the leadership of the Gloversville Housing Authority and Gloversville been so silent? Why not get a labor contract completed for these individuals? Why not give them the respect they deserve for a job well done with a raise, which would be the first increase in salary in over five years.

We need to respect these unsung heroes. I hope that the members of our community stand with me and tell the leadership to recognize these heroes.

Ron Briggs


The writer is CSEA Region 4 president.

Pets, wild animals in danger due to speeding motorists

On September 2, our dachshund, Aries, was hit and killed (found on the curb near driveway) by a driver who probably was unaware or was not paying attention and was driving too fast on Turkey Farm Road to realize that they had hit something. It was just past Nine Mile Tree Road that this occurred. Fortunately for him, he died quickly and did not suffer.

Too many accidents and situations like this have happened in this area because people do not believe in following speed zone signs as well as realizing that a crossroads is near (new signs indicate this) besides having a knoll before getting to Nine Mile Tree Road. They seem to be in too much of a hurry to get from Route 29 (Vails Mill) to Gloversville for one reason or another.

There has been many animals hit this past week — 2 deer, a fox, and who knows what else because people are not paying attention to the surrounding area.

I know that people will say it is the animals’ fault (wild) or the owners’ fault for not keeping their pets under control, but they need to realize that some are very quick and/or escape from their confines.

I hope that whoever hit Aries does not experience this with their pets because it is heartbreaking to deal with, especially for someone who loves their pets as we do as if they were their children/grandchildren.

Sharon James



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