Letters to the editor — 8/20/2021

School districts need leadership on COVID

You are on your own!

Our state leaders are abdicating their responsibilities by shuffling off to local school districts and health departments matters of statewide public safety.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is urging school districts to “…develop plans to open in-person in the fall as safely as possible, and I recommend following guidance from the CDC and local health departments.”


As the school board president of the largest school district in Schoharie County, and president of the Schoharie School Boards Association, representing all districts in the county, I say phooey!

This “decision” by the state is simply pitting school boards and constituents against each other in what has become a very divisive political environment.

We need leadership from Albany to help or aid local leaders to prioritize facts rather than spewing political talking points.

Speaking of leadership, we at Cobleskill-Richmondville are working hard during the summer months and we are confident that we can open our schools safely and serve our students and families in September.

Bruce L. Tryon

Howes Cave

(The writer is president of the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School Board of Education and president of the Schoharie County School Boards Association.)

Reduce shootings by enacting curfews

Replicating the theory that “Guns do not kill people, that people kill people,” why is the emphasis on getting guns off the street?

Granted, this is a laudable political goal, but is it realistic? Does it, in fact, change people’s behavior? Why not get people off the streets?

Is it not time to at least consider curfews for the tri-city areas? If it is true that people are killing people, let’s take people off the streets, especially in the middle of the night.

Pre-teens and teenagers do not need to be on the street at two in the morning.

Even some so-called adults have shown that they do not have the resolve to be up at that hour without shooting someone.

A graduating curfew, one that allows the city or community to slowly open up when crime rates show a decreased response, would be a logical outcome.

Otherwise, people on the street after a certain hour would need a valid and verifiable reason or risk ticketing or worse.

Using a commonsense analysis of the numbers would reflect a reduction in the “pool” of potential shooters.

This in turn would make policing and crime solutions more productive.

What better way to get the entire population (and businesses) involved than to encourage everyone to look in the mirror and truly start taking responsibility for their actions and attitudes, and in doing so, be part of the solution.

Earl Spencer


Time to get rid of the pesky penny

If elected, I promise to end the use of pennies. It has been long since a penny’s worth of anything existed. The elimination of this extinct coin, as handsome as it is with Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on it, will end stuffed coin purses, baggy trousers, as well as the aggravation suffered by both clerks and customers waiting in line until change is made.

Can we not move to the old bookie’s policy?: If your horse paid $7.40, you get $7. If $7.60, you get $8. Rounding off may save us all years in a lifetime. The U.S. Treasury could save billions in the cost of copper alone.

So send your votes to your state and federal legislators to end this nostalgic inefficiency.

David Childs


Partnership will help disabled and climate

I was so honored to join New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc (NYSID) and Hill & Markes in my Assembly district to announce their new partnership that will provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities while reducing the carbon footprint of both companies.

This is a commonsense collaboration between an essential organization that advocates for those with disabilities and a local family-owned business committed to providing jobs to people that are far too often overlooked.

This partnership takes advantage of Hills & Markes’ environmentally sensitive LEED-certified facility in the town of Florida and reduces the number of trucks they use, also reducing the environmental footprints for both organizations.

This partnership represents an important step towards creating a more inclusive community and promoting corporate social responsibility. This effort to make New York a better place to live and work for everyone is an excellent example for other businesses and our state to follow.

Angelo Santabarbara


(The writer is a state Assemblyman for the 111th district representing areas of Albany, Schenectady and Montgomery counties.)

Not much to change in Schoharie County

Fourteen of the 16 Schoharie County supervisor seats are on the ballot come this November.

Only two will be contested races, as the other 12 have no opposition.

We will get a new Finance Committee chair at the reorganizational meeting in January, as the current Cobleskill supervisor/finance chair will not be running for re-election.

Once again, not much will change in Schoharie County, just a few new faces on the board, as the floundering will continue in 2022 and beyond. Stay safe, Schoharie County!

Jerry Fiore


Thanks to Biden for massive ineptitude

Thank you, President Biden, for all you have done for American tax-paying citizens.

A great example (for those children who no longer learn real history in school) on how not to withdraw from a war torn country.

For rising gas prices and oil dependency again, after all, paying $1.25 for gas was so boring.

For helping the spread of COVID through the movement of thousands of undocumented immigrants to every state in the darkness of night.

For opening our borders to the cartel and drugs of all kinds. For the wonderful images of children being dumped over the fences and left to die.

For appointing such inept people in every key position in D.C.

For having a vice president who stands for nothing and showing us how you truly feel about women’s rights by leaving the Afghan women to fend for themselves.

But truly I do thank you for telling King Cuomo to resign after he sent over 15,000 seniors to their deaths, let the whole world know that because he is Italian, he can’t control himself around women and for keeping our taxes so high.

All these statements are verified and documented facts, not fabricated to push an agenda.

But I am sure any comment made about this will always include President Trump and Fox News because these facts can’t be disputed, the images have been seen by all everywhere. Is anyone out there brave enough to admit that the Biden administration is truly inept?

Denise Crisci



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