There’s a crime wave across our country

On June 21, on MSNBC the host and two guests were discussing the current crime wave happening in this country. One of the guests, a former Obama appointee blamed it on the police of this country. Quoting her “why should we keep funding systems and institutions that keep rendering themselves ineffective?” Well, then, maybe we should start defunding states, cities, educational systems and institutions that have been run by Democrats and unions for 30-60 years. None of them have shown any signs of being effective. And these cities and states are having the biggest jumps in crimes.

Then we can go to the members of Congress that have involved, for let’s say 20 years. We’ll give the newest members time to get antiquated to the swamp. Maybe we should defund all of the federal government for being ineffective. That’s according to her opinion.

The recent jump in crime across the country couldn’t be from the liberal and progressive changes in bail reform, early release from jails and prisons, not enforcing smaller crimes like graffiti, public urination, public defecation, public lewdness, prostitution, looting arson, molotov cocktails, fireworks, stones, frozen water bottles and much more?

And if the DAs don’t prosecute and if they do, the judges let them off. What do you think will happen. They realize there is no consequences for their behavior. It would be like a child taking 50 cents from their mother’s purse or father’s pocket. And the parent let’s it go. Then the child takes $1 and $5 and the parents let it go. Well, then, the child takes $20 and the parents are confounded and finally confronts the child.

All of our governing officials, have taken an oath, to be and act in of accordance of our laws and of the Constitution. And many of them have not. So, can, anyone wonder why we have a crime wave and a crisis at our southern border?

God bless America.




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