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Gloversville Fire Department thanks Louie Fagant

Over the past couple months our truck committee has been diligently working to layout a new engine to properly meet the needs of our department and community moving forward. As a part of this process, we are looking to purchase battery operated jaws of life to update our rescue equipment, allowing for cordless operation of the tools, enabling quicker and easier rescue from vehicle accidents where extrication is required. In order to make an educated decision we wanted to look at multiple companies and put the tools to the test.

To truly get a feel for how the tools will operate and their abilities, we needed vehicles to practice cutting apart, thus allowing us to get realistic hands-on training at the same time. As we contemplated how we would go about this my mind went to a reliable gentleman here in the city who has always been very supportive of our fire department, so I reached out to Louie Fagant of Fagant’s Auto Sales & Service. He immediately wanted to help with the process. Over the past couple weeks Louie has gone above and beyond by providing a safe, out of the way location to run this training and between each shift removed the car and brought in another one. When I told him that we would work with whatever he could find for cars, his answer to me was “whatever you want, I’ll make it happen.”

He was able to stand by this statement and in all provided eight cars for our members to practice on. Each of the crews wasted no time in putting those tools to the test. It’s people like this that shine a positive light to those around them and help to make the world a better place. Thank you, from us and our community for your support and contribution. God Bless.



Gloversville Fire Department


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