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Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church update

The Fonda, Fultonville and surrounding communities have wondered what has been happening with the FFUMC since the March 2017, fire destroyed the little white church on Montgomery Street, Fultonville, over four years ago. The members have since realized the days of our popular church dinners are over because we no longer have a building in which to serve. Nevertheless, the congregation wishes the communities to know that our church family is stronger than ever. We are told that new attendees can sense this loving feeling as soon as they join us during Sunday morning worship service.

The FFUMC continues to plan and is more determined than ever for a new local church building evidenced by our many fundraisers (Brooks barbecues, and car parking at races and the fair). Many folks buying their meal continue to donate a few extra dollars and our crew always responds with a warm thank you, a big yahoo and a ringing of a brass bell. We know the communities love us and support our efforts.

What has taken so long to build a new church you ask? If the decision to build was solely up to the FFUMC congregation, a new local church would be open by now. Unfortunately some might say, the UMC is organized by an administrative “annual conference” with regional districts each with their own staff. The Book of Disciplines and annual conference rightly have procedures to follow for new churches plus there are the usual zoning and building codes and the list goes on. Despite our efforts and for a variety of reasons, it seems FFUMC can’t get past the first step of purchasing an approved lot on which to build. Yet the district supervisor recently said he is very impressed with our list of missions and strong desire for a new church, and emphatically stated “we will build in God’s time.” The FFUMC officers continue to discuss options and actions and move forward; eventually we will build — be sure of it.

The FFUMC meets for worship with Pastor Kathy Reese (518) 853-3311 or (518) 883-8285 every Sunday at 10 a.m. in the Glen Town Hall, 7 Erie St., Fultonville. We are a very welcoming and loving congregation usually with an attendance of about 30 plus. Some young adults and children attend. However, presently we currently have no room to accommodate a formal Sunday school class but expect to have found a solution by mid-September. It would please us if you could find room for God in your life and come join us: It may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. For more information check us out on Face Book at Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church.


Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church

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