VanGenderen, Scribner deserve voters’ support

You have probably noticed signs for Republican candidates VanGenderen and Scribner paired together around Broadalbin.

Both are running for very important fiscal management positions, one in Broadalbin, one countywide.

Bruce VanGenderen is running for the supervisor position I have proudly held for the past 3-1/2 years. Due to health issues that arose last year, I am not seeking a second term.

Although all other incumbent Broadalbin town officers are unopposed; two petitions for town supervisor were received by the Board of Elections.

The name of Sean Foucht, who has since moved out of the town of Broadalbin, and is no longer actively seeking election, will also appear on the ballot.

In view of these changes, with virtually all Broadalbin positions unopposed, I feel it is not inappropriate at this time to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Bruce VanGenderen to serve as your Broadalbin Town Supervisor for 2022 through 2025.

Bruce has worked as the contract Certified Public Accountant for town of Broadalbin since 2017, and I have complete confidence that he will continue the strong fiscal conservancy that I and the current town board have tried so diligently to practice.

County treasurer candidate, Heather Scribner and I both served as New York state town clerks; and, having first-hand knowledge of the duties she performed, I am also lending my full confidence and support to her campaign.

Republicans — the signs are together — support them together — VanGenderen/Scribner –Vote June 22.




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