New York’s 94-c process is harmful to rural communities

The 94-c Process is harmful to rural communities

In March 2020 New York passed the 94-c Process. This legislation circumvents our town’s ability to self-govern. New York is taking ownership of siting 25 plus MW utility solar projects requiring thousands of acres each. Rural, agricultural communities are selected for these projects. Mill Point Solar (250MW) is proposed in the town of Glen. The 94-c process is a violation of Home Rule Laws which state, “every local government shall have power to adopt and amend local laws for — the protection and enhancement of its physical and visual environment.”

It will be New York who decides if you live with the visual blight of miles of solar arrays, while reducing the town’s productive agricultural land.

According to Cornell Impacts NYS, “40 percent of current solar energy capacity has been developed on agricultural land — while 84 percent of land identified as suitable for future solar development — is agricultural.”

The town of Glen residents are pushing back on New York overreach. We have embraced community solar but do not believe utility solar is best for our rural community. We encourage the community to research the 94-c process, attend monthly town board meetings and/or join community groups dedicated to standing up against the 94-c process.

Let’s push back on New York government and help keep Glen green.

Town of Glen resident.




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