Letters to the editor

What is happening to the trees?

Has anyone else noticed the many trees along Route 30A between East Fulton Street and Steele Avenue to the billboards both directions? They have lost their leaves. Most of them are bare towards the top but many others have lost more.

I hope someone can answer this mystery as I am concerned for the environment. These trees should be full of new lush, green leaves.

Thank you.



Colon cancer testing is too important to skip

If there’s one thing we hear from health care providers, it’s that men don’t really like to go to the doctor. Due to COVID-19, men may also be unsure if it’s safe to go to their healthcare provider’s office. But routine care, like getting checked for colon cancer, is too important to skip.

The Cancer Services Program of Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady counties wants men ages 50 and older to know that the Fecal Immunochemical Test kit is a yearly colon cancer screening that can be done at home. The kit is quick, easy and safe. It can be mailed home and when completed, mailed directly to a lab for processing. If the FIT kit shows something abnormal, the healthcare provider will order a colonoscopy to find out if there is or isn’t cancer.

For men ages 50 and older that don’t have insurance, the CSP can provide free FIT kits. The CSP can also cover the follow-up test (colonoscopy) if it’s needed and help get access to treatment.

Call your healthcare provider or the CSP of Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady counties at (518)770-6816 to get more information about colon cancer screening and the take-home FIT kit.


Health education and promotion coordinator

Cancer Services Program of Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady counties


Put all that racial divisive propaganda ploy to bed

It is with misgiving that we see our country locked up in this racial divisive social upheaval. Now these social liberal racial activists want to have our school children be taught a study called “Critical Race Theory.” Theory, by definition is an assumption, here we have biased racial activists assuming we have Critical Racial problems in our schools, I say in God we trust, all else bring factual evidence of this. Absent that put all that racial divisive propaganda ploy to bed.

Our children should be taught reading, writing and arithmetic, not hateful divisive racial fiction.

While on this racial social nonsense, this Black Lives Matter movement, of course they do, all lives matter. That cause needs leadership. For example, In New York City, 72 percent of shooting suspects were black and 74 percent of victims were black (authoritative, H. Meyers– Manhattan Institute.

Given that I have two words that if used when confronted by law officials would save countless lives and help to uphold the rules of law that binds our society together. The words are, yes officer.

If George Floyd had used them, he would be walking the streets today.



Send the Texans home

The Texas energy industry proved disastrous last winter for Texas residents. Thousands of Texans were left without power due to industry incompetence and many Texans were charged exorbitant prices for the energy they did receive. Some residential customers received a monthly bill up to or exceeding $4,500. Even now, months later, Texans are being asked to conserve because of poor capacity management.

A Texas energy company, ConnectGen, based in oil-company-rich Houston, with Houston-based energy industry backers, has convinced the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) to give them a shot at generating electricity in the town of Glen. The plan to do that would blanket a huge swath of the town with an industrial solar facility.

Cleared lands, many of them in agricultural production by long-time farming families or Amish neighbors are the company’s target for long-term leases. Cleared lands are easier to cover with solar panels, so no need to bother with marginal lands or existing Brownfields. The company hopes to power 65,000 homes with the electricity to be generated — more homes than in Fulton and Montgomery counties combined. It doesn’t take genius to guess where that power will be sold. And it doesn’t take genius to understand where those profits will go.

This industrial solar project is not about green; it’s about greed. Solar energy has a rightful place in the portfolio of energy supply for New York state. That place is not a wholesale blanketing of local farms and fields. Big money has found a friend with big government and they’ve trained their eyes on the town of Glen.

Let’s tell the Texans to pack their carpet bags and go back to Houston.




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