Albertine is the choice for Fulton County treasurer

As your county treasurer, I want to thank you for your support at the polls and throughout my three terms as county treasurer. I am now asking for you to support Cindy Albertine as the new county treasurer. Cindy is a five-year veteran of the treasurer’s office and has a good grasp of the treasurer’s responsibilities and duties related to this challenging position. Her hard work, ethics, determination, and knowledge make Cindy the best choice for the position of county treasurer.

Cindy is a lifelong Fulton County resident and taxpayer who understands the interest and concerns our community has. It will take an experienced individual to successfully run and manage the financial core of Fulton County, and Cindy Albertine is that qualified individual.

I ask you to support Cindy Albertine for Fulton County treasurer, the right person for the job, the community, and for the people of Fulton County.

E. Terry Blodgett

Fulton County Treasurer



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