Violence in the city should be considered in mayors race

Criminally speaking, 2021, is shaping up to be one of crisis in the city of Gloversville. As I peruse recent issues of this newspaper I’m reading about a May 6, drive-by shooting on North Main Street, a fatal stabbing on Tenth Avenue on April 24, and another fatal stabbing on North Main Street on March 27. Gunshots fired at a residence on Eighth Avenue in February, and a city resident was arrested in a human trafficking sting on April 21. That’s just what popped out at me from a really quick scan of the pages. The city police department reports an increase in domestic violence and drug overdose related calls, and while all of this is happening, your mayor is running for re-election.

Read that entire first paragraph again and really let it sink in. Mayor DeSantis speaks of food trucks, splash pads, new trash cans, and developing some mysterious waterfront. He dreams of some Etopia society that he gives Ted Talks about to community college students, but reality is in the first paragraph of this letter. In that paragraph you can plainly see the results of Mayor DeSantis’s alleged leadership. That is not an Etopia. It’s an Epidemic.

I live just outside of the city limits, but my family shops in the city, my children meet up with their friends in city, we go to church in the city, and when it’s nice we bike ride in the city. Having said all that, I urge the voting public in Gloversville to pay attention to the reality of the current state of your city and vote to make the necessary improvements this November. You have a quality candidate in William Rowback, ready to roll up his sleeves and get busy. Only you, voters in Gloversville, can make that happen.

There are a lot of eyes on Gloversville this election season. In an off year, Gloversville is one of the hottest races to watch. People statewide are curious to see if Gloversville is going with the status quo again or if they’re finally going to vote for a quality candidate. I guess we shall see.




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