Is there no end to the stupidity?

Donald Trump lost the 2020, election. He didn’t receive enough electoral votes or popular votes. Yet people in our community are still waving their Trump flags and Donald Trump is still saying that the election was stolen from him. The question now is why? There are a number of reasons to answer the question. First Donald Trump does not want to become irrelevant like he was before his electoral win in 2016. The main reason he won’t let it go is money. He asked for money to support his quest to bring his lawsuits over the stolen election to court. 61 federal judges, many appointed by him, [threw] out [his lawsuits} do to no proof of widespread voter fraud. The few cases that were discovered were fraudulent votes for Donald Trump.

The money keeps flowing to him for his re-election campaign. He doesn’t have a super PAC for 2024. Whatever money is being sent to him is going to his pocket. When he called his followers to the Capitol he said “I will be with you.” He wasn’t and it was just another in the long list of lies told by Donald Trump. The insurrectionist did what their potus told them to do. After Jan. 6, he was done with them. He has not bailed any of them out or given them support by way of lawyers. The insurrectionist learned the hard way that Donald Trump is a liar who uses people for his own benefit and when you do what he wants, he’s done with you and he moves on. He’s going to need your money for the lawsuits that are coming down the pike. Just keep sending him your hard earned dollars that you pay taxes on. Donald Trump loves to brag about the taxes he doesn’t pay because he’s not a sucker like the rest of us. What prompted this letter was a recent flag that read “Trump 2024 the Revenge Tour” Really? Frightening.

Bonnie Cavaleri



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