In celebration of Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize and applaud two of Gloversville’s finest.

The first one, Mayor Susan Hammond was Gloversville’s first and only female mayor to date. Mayor Hammond served the residents of Gloversville from 1986-1989 and was instrumental in the area’s economic development.

The second one is retired Fire Chief Beth Whitman-Putnam. Chief Whitman-Putnam was not only the first female fire chief in Gloversville, but she was the first female career firefighter in the entire state to lead a department.

Both of these accomplished ladies, pioneers in our community, delivered exemplary service to the families of Gloversville and should serve as role models to the young women of our community today and for years to come.


Deputy Mayor/Councilman-at-Large

Candidate for mayor


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