Haven’t we learned anything from history?

When I was young and in my early grades in elementary school, I was taught that America was the melting pot of the world. Meaning to me anyway that we were a great mixture of people.

We didn’t look alike, thank God, but were a nation of many different ethnic groups and culture. This is something I thought that were accepted as equal. What we did from that point was up to us and our own ability to learn. Our teachers didn’t teach us how to hate one another because we were all Americans. Many of our ancestors had to learn English from the same text books. Most Americans of all races went to war for this great country and many didn’t return home to their loved ones.

Our motto was E Plurbus Unum, many in one. What has happened anyway? If some of these people that are now killing us because of the color of our skin or ethnicity would stop and realize that that’s how we became a great nation because we are so different yet, we work so well because of our different thoughts and ideas, really makes us stronger.

These are scary times, maybe we need God in our lives to survive these unusually bad times. Abe Lincoln said it right a house divided shall not stand. Haven’t we learned anything from history.




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