Don’t cut services that keep children safe

“The aid, care and support of the needy are public concerns and shall be provided by the state — as the legislature may from time to time determine,” according to the New York State Constitution. Taking care of children in need is a responsibility we all share.

The proposed executive budget, however, slashes foster care, preventive, adoption and child protective services that promote child safety and family stability by five percent — at a time when these services are more important than ever.

Since the start of the pandemic, one in 1,000 children across the state have lost a parent or guardian to COVID-19 and that number doubles when looking only at Black and Latinx children. Across the country, more than 325,000 children were pushed into poverty. While hopefully the future is brighter, the sustained stress that the last year has wrought on families means we cannot slash the already insufficient protections and supports that children, families and communities need. The foundation of a strong New York is our people, and strong people are built by strong families. We can’t walk away from them now.

To the governor and legislature: Do not cut services that keep children safe, ensure child well being and give families the tools to survive this time of crisis and thrive in the future. It is a moral imperative.




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