Audit critical of the city of Johnstown: Where’s the beef?

Audit critical of the city of Johnstown: Where’s the beef?

A few days ago, I filed my designating petition to run for Johnstown’s City Treasurer position in November as a Democrat. I will be running against the victor of the June Republican primary between two 30-something contenders aspiring to win the same office. I am a few decades older; however, I cannot fault anyone wanting to jump-start a career in public service. I was fortunate to start a fruitful internship at George J. Dorfman & Co., CPAs, in Gloversville when I was 19 after completing my first year at Babson College — the other college in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I worked for Dorfman seasonally while I continued my education through a BS in business administration with a major in accounting and a Babson Master of Business Administration in finance followed by teaching college level accounting, finance, and investments in Boston and Nichols College in Dudley, Mass.

I became a partner of the Dorfman CPA firm in 1978, and I occasionally conducted my own internal control audits and wrote some prickly management reports on some of my own Capital District clients while I lived in Slingerlands, Albany County, for 10 years representing my firm before returning to Fulton County in 1984. There is never a sound reason for weak internal controls in business, industry, or the public sector, but accepting Mike Anich’s article as being an accurate reflection of the essence of the audit, I asked myself: Where’s the beef? I’ve known Mike Gifford for almost 40 years going back to his own work for GJD & Co. in Johnstown. I have no doubt that Johnstown has been well served by this thoughtful, competent professional. I would be honored to succeed my old friend, Michael Gifford, CPA as city treasurer in 2022.

I recently spent an hour talking with Mike and his deputy Vikki, neither of whom seemed very eager to stick around past the year-end for training or moral support purposes. Regardless, I offered to saddle-up and assume Vikki’s job if she desires an expeditious separation. In summary, I gained valuable insight into some of the dilemmas facing the treasurer’s office and a few of the pending problems still seeking resolution. I took it for granted that public service isn’t always a pleasant job, but like golf, you need to “play it as it lays.” Fore!




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