Your congresswoman voted against you

This letter is addressed to all Republican voters in the N.Y. 21 Congressional District.

Your Congress person voted against the following.

1. $1,400 for most of you and your children. For a family of four this would be $5,600.

2. Voted against $1.62 million for Gloversville.

3. Voted against $0.90 million for Johnstown.

4. Voted against $10.35 million for Fulton County.

5. Voted against many more millions for the towns and cities in the North Country.

6. Voted against help for small businesses.

7. Voted against helping children get out of poverty.

8. Voted against extending unemployment benefits.

9. Voted against money for state government to keep our taxes from going up and saving jobs.

But you do not have to worry because you and your family will get these benefits despite your Congress person’s vote. You will get them because the Democrats voted for them. But it still would have been nice if your representative voted for them. But she voted against helping you.




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