William Rowback running for mayor is a good thing

Nothing pleases me more than to see Bill Rowback announce that he’s running for mayor of the city of Gloversville. I’ve known Bill a long time and I can testify to his honesty, dedication, and commitment in whatever endeavor he has taken on. He has served the residents of this city continuously for three decades in some manner and it is with great hope that he continues to do so. His commitment to more transparency and open communication in city government is exactly what this city needs.

My jaw dropped when I was watching last month’s Common Council meeting and I heard the mayor say they have been talking about this for weeks (referring to the decision to privatize city trash collection) and Ellen Anadio raised her hand and said, “I did look through our notes, and the last time we talked about it at a meeting was July 28, 2020, in public.” Bottom line, there is no transparency in our city government. There needs to be, and that is why Bill Rowback’s message resonates with me. The city council should have informed the public on this decision before it was made and based on their own comments, they knew they should have, but without doing so, they went ahead and passed it anyway.

Every generation has that one person, that one leader who stands up when no one else will, and then suddenly everyone else stands up with him. That person doesn’t come along every day and I feel that Bill Rowback is that person for this generation. It would be reckless and irresponsible for us to ignore that this year. A vote for Rowback is a vote for bringing Gloversville back to being a city that we can once again be proud of.




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