We need new energy systems

The crash of the Texas electric grid, completely controlled by the oil and gas industry, has to remind us of the fragility of our entire energy system. We in New York are connected to a larger grid, but it is also old and stressed. With the challenges of more extreme weather events, we can expect similar failures to recur.

There is no single solution, or any immediate solution, but the answer has to ­­be in developing both alternative forms of energy and a renewed energy distribution system. Even if you like oil and gas, the supply is limited and will not last. New York is not energy rich as some states are, but it does have a technological capacity to develop new forms of clean energy, including wind farms.

For several decades now both parties have urged a massive investment in America’s infrastructure to both provide good jobs in both technology and construction and a transportation and energy infrastructure to take the country into the next century. This is not quick or cheap, but we can clearly see that we don’t have a choice. The status quo is simply not working and, in fact, getting less effective with every passing year. New York has literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by moving quickly toward green energy.




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