There is no open communication in Gloversville city government

Referencing a letter to the editor, “Open Government is the Focal Point of Rowback’s Campaign,” I saw the exact same things that Mr. Szabo saw. There is no open communication in our city government. What was even more discouraging were all the unanswered questions that were in the chat room. Never have I seen taxpaying citizens so ignored by their elected officials. You work for us. It doesn’t matter how many dollars we will save over how many years. If you are making decisions that affect the community, then the community deserves their say.

Listening to the mayor defend this decision in his two- or three-minute spiel was especially offensive, and then telling the council if it passes, then he would hold a Facebook live event the following day at noon was laughable. The people should have been heard before this vote happened. I concur with Mr. Szabo. This is bad government.

Bill Rowback is committing to a more transparent and open government in the city of Gloversville, and as for me and my family, we support his efforts 100 percent.




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