Tackle football dangerous for children under 12 years of age

Assembly bill A4116 is a re-introduction of bill A2692 that was defeated in 2020.

The aim of this bill is to prohibit tackle football for children under the age of 12. Numerous studies have shown that the brain is still developing and injuries such as concussions can and does double the risk of behavioral problems such as moodiness and apathy and triples the chance of suffering depression in later life.

To quote Dr. Stern, a leading researcher with Boston University, “Every time the body or the head gets hit and the head moves quickly, the brain gets sheared and stretched.” He continues saying “it’s not those big hits and having symptoms and diagnosed with concussion. We are talking about the many hits per game and per practice without feeling anything from it.”

Some would argue that helmets protect the head, and yes it helps prevent skull fractures, not concussions. This is well documented by the number of pro football players and NASCAR drivers who have suffered concussions and longterm brain damage. And it should be noted they use the best helmets on the market.

Growing numbers of pro football players and physicians are not allowing their children to play tackle ball until at least high school.

Also, many lawsuits have been filed and won against organizations supporting tackle for our youth.

Please for the safety and futures of our youth, contact your senator with your support of bill A4116.

Concerned mother and grandmother.




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