Open government is the focal point of Rowback’s campaign

I ask everyone to go back and watch the February Common Council meeting video where they are discussing the resolution that was on the table to privatize trash collection. Listen for the following soundbites and ask yourself if we need more transparency at City Hall.

Councilman Simonds says, “if the citizens are informed then I know there is going to be a lot of confusion out there.” He says later, “Should we let the people know ahead of time? Well yes, we should. We’re not doing it this time around.”

Councilman Siarkowski asked what if we put this out before the public and then the council voted it down? Then what do you do? I guess you keep picking up the trash like you normally would, no?

The mayor says, “this will probably save the city a half a million dollars over the next few years. Probably? Over the next few years? Could you be a little more specific when talking about the taxpayers’ money, Mr. Mayor? He also said this will be a significant increase in services to city residents. Isn’t this just about trash collection? Is there more? The mayor also said that this has been being discussed all along. Councilwoman Anadio set him straight when she looked at her notes and said, “We haven’t discussed this publicly since July.”

Councilwoman Batchelor understands that if the public feels like we’re sticking something in then they won’t like it.

Councilwoman Weiss claims it has been talked about twice on Talk of the Town.

Councilwoman Anadio said everyone doesn’t listen to Talk of the Town, including her.

Councilman Zarrelli says he was under the impression that this would be better promoted before the vote and it wouldn’t have hurt, but maybe that should have been clearer.

The final vote was in favor of no transparency and no open government. The only two voices of reason on that council were Councilwoman Anadio and Councilman-at-Large Rowback. The only two people that voted against keeping the public in the dark.

This needs to be remembered when you cast your vote for mayor this November. Vote for William Rowback — he’s the one that recognizes that this sort of closed-door government is in fact, bad government.




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