Not enough transparency, action coming from DeSantis

It has been said that actions speak louder than words, and never has this been more applicable than the last 90 days of Mayor DeSantis’ administration. Just days prior to announcing his candidacy for another term, Mayor DeSantis launched a witch hunt investigation against his presumed and now confirmed challenger, William Rowback. Was that a coincidence or was it a political hit job?

Then listening to that announcement to run for another term, all I heard was “I, I, I, I.” I’ve been hearing this mayor tell me what he’s going to do since he’s been on the council. Over and over I hear him throw out all these dollar figures and various names of all these ABC organizations, but I don’t see results. I don’t see the actions. I only hear the words.

I hear him talk about waterfront revitalization. Waterfront? What waterfront? The Cayadutta? He says, since he’s been in city government, the needle has really moved forward. He keeps talking about this wonderful downtown. Buildings are still falling apart, and residents still avoid it like the plague. He talks about a Micropolis and modeling our city after all these other small cities that are thriving. If he wants to see what a downtown should be, he can find one two miles south of here.

From here, fast forward to the council’s vote on contracting out trash collection. The public, mostly left in the dark on this, was overwhelmingly against this move, but contrary to what the public wanted, he pushed for it anyway, and thanks to a handful of rogue council members, it passed. Jesus said to judge them by their fruit. Well that fruit is rotten. Something in that deal stinks and it isn’t the trash.

This is the bottom line. There is no hope for our city under this administration. A little common sense goes a long way, but common sense is what is lacking here. William Rowback is speaking like someone that has common sense. Transparency in our local government is where we begin. We invite the public into the discussions. We don’t shut them out. That is how you begin to fix what is broken. That is why William Rowback has my support.




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