Letter long on words, short on substance

This is in response to the letter written by reader Heimerdinger challenging people to respond to his anti-green energy rhetoric.

To start with, his letter is long on words, but short on substance.

He starts by condemning the end of nuclear power. Really? Has he not heard of Chernobyl, Three mile Island, Fukushima? Here’s a fact. If the Egyptians had nuclear power, the waste would still be radioactive today. And he is condemning the end of that type of power?

He continues on to attack Governor Cuomo about nursing homes. Fact, Cuomo did not kill anyone. In a nursing home or not. Check your facts.

Then he continues in a tirade of anti-green power options, claiming the wind will not blow, the rivers will not run and the sun won’t shine. Apparently, Mr Heimerdinger doesn’t realize certain facts about green energy, like it does not take sunshine to operate solar panels, just light. I know, I have solar panels. Also, rivers that supply power do not just run dry. Niagara Falls stopped only once in 1848 due to ice, which has been fixed. In fact, New York state produces 90 percent of its electricity by hydro-electric means. Dams, such as Hoover dam have never not produced electricity (just an example). Lastly, he worries about no wind conditions. While they do occur, they are few and short-lived. Wind turbines only need a wind speed of 5 mph to produce power.

What I find strange is Mr. Heimerdinger would write this anti-green energy letter just after all of Texas went totally dark because of the inability to produce electric power with oil or natural gas. Energy sources he supports. Seems he hung himself on his own petard.

I do believe I have met Mr. Heimerdingers’ requirements and have debunked all of his theories.


St. Johnsville


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