Garbage collection should not be privatized in Gloversville

To Mayor DeSantis and all Gloversville Council members:

I am writing in disagreement with your decision to privatize the garbage collection in Gloversville for the following reasons.

1. You took this action upon yourselves with no input from the taxpayers who put you there. Every person who rents or owns pays taxes either directly or indirectly. There should have been a letter sent to every household affected by your decision. Lacking that, a referendum on the next ballot for people to vote on would be the fairest. You were elected to your position to represent the people in your constituency. Have you done anything to communicate with the people who elect you? You seem to have no problem when you want to be elected, you come knocking door to door.

In this day and age, most people do not listen to local radio or receive a local paper independently. The accepted means appears to be digital communications for younger generations and by letter to older generations. Why not send a letter to everyone before you make the decision, rather than send the same letter after you already made the wrong decision? Was your proposal on the city web page with enough notice to receive input from constitutions?

2. According to news sources, dicimating the local garbage collection and going to privatization shows an increasing cost yearly without end. The next contract will be a killer. The $500,000 savings over four years or $125,000 per year, divided by 14,878 taxpayers in the city amounts to $8.40 per person per year. That is 70 cents per month. You are saving me nothing. If you already own the equipment and have a smooth-running system, why do you want to screw it up for peanut money? The cheapest thing to do is do nothing.

3. The “savings” are negligible as the money given to a non-local company, will be spent outside of Gloversville. As things are now, local people work and spend money here. The taxes receive from that money earned locally is kept locally. By losing the sales tax revenue of money that would be spent by local workers in our economy will result in a property tax increase need to make up for lost revenue from that source.

Thank you for allowing the expression of these opinions.




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