Council’s actions wreaks of misconduction

In response to Mayor DeSantis’s recent letter and his attempt to defend the city’s decision to privatize the collection of city trash, I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter how much the city saves. The cost of the service is not the source of discontent among the residents. The way this decision was made is the problem.

You see, Mayor, when government, at any level, starts working behind closed doors, out of the view of the public, the public tends to resist. That is the essence of bad government. When back door policies are made out of the view of the public eye, the public starts throwing around words like “corrupt” or “impropriety.” With the deal on trash collection for example — I’ve watched that episode of the Common Council over and over, and people had questions. Legitimate questions. They were ignored. Your plan was to approve the contract and to let the public ask questions the next day. It really reminds me of Pelosi’s famous “We have it to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” moment.

There were soundbites that came out of that meeting that made my jaw drop. Like when Councilman Simonds said, “If the citizens are informed, then I know there is going to be a lot of confusion out there.” Or this gem, “Should we let the people know ahead of time? Well yes, we should. We’re not doing it this time around.” And he went and voted for it anyway. Both statements were omitted from the meeting minutes, by the way. Another one of my favorites was when Councilman Zarrelli said, he was under the impression that this would be better promoted before the vote and it wouldn’t have hurt, but maybe that should have been clearer. He also went on to vote for it anyway. Four of the five council members that voted in favor of this made comments during that discussion that were basically admitting it was a bad idea but went ahead and voted for it anyway. Bad Government, Mayor, and you are the ring leader. This whole deal wreaks of misconduct.

Gloversville has a much better option this year. By electing Bill Rowback as mayor, we can put all this closed-door nonsense behind us. He is promising open and transparent government and that is good government. Vote for good government this November.




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