Colorectctal cancer screening shouldn’t have been put off

I had to put off a lot of things over this past year, but getting screened for colorectal cancer didn’t have to be one of them. Colorectal cancer screening can be done using stool-based tests you do in the privacy and safety of your home. You can get one from your doctor, and if you’re uninsured like me, you can get one from the Cancer Services Program of Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady counties.

The CSP gave me a free test called FIT (fecal immunochemical test). This test was easy to do, and after it was done, I sent it right to the lab. My test came back normal, so now I’ll just do the test every year to make sure I’m still healthy. But, if there ever is a problem, the CSP will pay for more testing and help me get treatment if I do have cancer.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and I feel strongly about sharing the message to get screened for colorectal cancer. It feels great to know that I’m good to go for another year, and if I’m still uninsured, I can go back to the CSP. With regular screenings, colorectal cancer can be prevented and is highly treatable if found early. There’s no reason to put this off.

The CSP also provides free breast and cervical cancer screening. The wonderful CSP staff are ready to answer any questions. Call the CSP 518-770-6816 to see if you’re eligible.




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