Where have you been?

Referencing a letter to the editor, “Everyone should get along with one another,” apparently Ms. Iacovone has been asleep for the past four years. Some of the “great accomplishments” that the 45th President has bestowed on the American people are: The greatest economy in our history, the lowest unemployment in our history (especially among minorities), created jobs (until the China virus), gas prices lower than we had seen in a very long time (going up now), peace talks in the Middle East, moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, stood up to other countries and made them pay their fair share in organizations instead of the American people footing the bill, brought companies back to America, imposed tariffs to benefit our companies (not surprising this wasn’t popular with other countries), donated every penny of his salary to various charities, through warp speed we have vaccines in record time (Biden now claiming the accomplishment), the list is endless.

Regarding cheating in the election process, there are countless affidavits from postal workers and poll workers proving fraud, there are surveillance videos where boxes of votes were being counted long after the polls had closed. The problem is that the mainstream won’t show you this. All of this proof has been shown on conservative media outlets that are now being threatened by the Democrats. Our First Amendment rights are being taken away. That’s what’s undermining the Constitution, failing to look at the evidence. The mainstream media also deleted words from President Trumps speech when he told the crowd to go “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

So as long as you continue to “drink the Kool Aid,” we can’t get along.



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