Make America great again by unifying

Make America great again? Not hardly. Not when this recent violent insurrection in Washington, D.C. caused our allies to look on in horror, while Iraq commented that the U.S. is no better than they are.

We now have a new administration, and its time to end the hate and divisiveness that is currently tearing our country apart, dividing friends, and even families. Its time to unify our country once again, because its only through unity that we can become great, the way we were during WW II. During the war, our men stood up to enlist, while our women joined the workforce, working in munitions factories for the war effort. Children collected scrap metal, families grew Victory Gardens, and everyone suffered together through rationing with little whining or complaining. We were unified, we were great, we helped win the war and overcome the evil that was Hitler.

So let’s drop the partisan politics and, as Lincoln once said, “With malice for none, and charity for all,” let’s work towards unity, and truly become great once again.




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