Elect Mayor DeSantis for four more years

Mayor Vincent DeSantis has announced his candidacy for re-election to the Gloversville mayoral seat for a four-year term. I support his candidacy 100 percent and urge Gloversville residents to pay attention to the progress and improvements made in Gloversville under the leadership of Mayor DeSantis since 2015, when he was first elected to the council seat in Gloversville’s Third Ward. Since then, DeSantis served as elected councilman-at-large from 2017 until January 2019, when appointed to the mayoral position by the Common Council, and then later elected to fill the unexpired remaining two-year term. All this after serving as city court judge for 20 years and having served on the steering committee that worked to update the city’s comprehensive plan in 2014. In his announcement address (reported in Jan. 28, The Leader-Herald), DeSantis detailed highlights of his work for Gloversville. If you have not read the announcement article, I encourage all to do so. It includes DeSantis’s steps in addressing blight by procuring grants to assist in creating and funding an Neighborhood Quality Administrator to enforce city code standards. Most remarkably, “(prior to his election to city government, — the city received (an estimated) $400,000 each year in grant funds for a housing rehabilitation program through the Community Development Agency — [but in] recent years, Gloversville has received over $6.8 million in grant funding for public and private development projects.”

What I most ardently want to impress upon you is the great, demanding really, importance of Mayor DeSantis’s re-election because of the outstanding, devoted and upstanding individual he is, because his educational and experiential background provide him with insight, understanding, and knowledge of the legalities that come before the office of Mayor and because maintaining consistency and constancy in carrying forward projects, procured during his leadership, will provide greater assurance that those projects and efforts will move forward with sure and steady progress toward success. Having known DeSantis for countless years and having worked together in the district attorney’s office when he was an assistant there, I have unwavering confidence in encouraging support for Mayor DeSantis in his re-election bid. Devoted, intelligent, experienced, dedicated, an educated lawyer, who works well with people and loves Gloversville, Mayor Vincent DeSantis has a long history of working hard for Gloversville and its residents. Four more years.




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