Donald Trump is the evolution of mankind

Maybe rebellion is in Donald Trump’s British genes. There are precedents in history.

In 1534, Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger (the Older had been a poet/ diplomat for Henry VIII, left a rebellion to prevent Queen Mary from marrying a Catholic Spanish prince. From his Allington Castle, he marched on London, picking up rebels along the way. There, he demanded Mary be sent to he Tower of London. Alas, his followers drifted away and he was arrested and executed.

Then in 1690, Presbyterian minister James Renwick was executed for not recognizing the kingship of James XII, the Catholic inheritor to the Scottish crown upon the death of his Protestant brother, Charles II. Those were the days when political parties derived from religious sects but they also played for keeps.

All reminding that Donald Trump is lucky to be living in modern America after allegedly inciting the invasion of the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6.

Whatever the outcome of his Senate trial, Trump will still retire to his lavish golf resorts, receive full retirement benefits as well as Secret Service protection while continuing his patriotic campaign. Call it the evolution of mankind.




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