Broadalbin needs the tax locks cut

Seems we have a problem in Broadalbin with serving our citizens. We pay lots of taxes and are afforded little in the way of any “return on our investment.”

First, our children are prevented from enjoying the Great Sacandaga Lake. For some reason, the Department of Environmental Conservation took control of the Broadalbin Beach, something that was enjoyed for decades by our citizens. The DEC put in a big boat launch where the beach was, then closed off swimming opportunities to the people.

I am told there is an issue with trying to open the beach. Broadalbin citizens pay, as part of the town budget, $40,000 annually for related costs. During the pandemic, the beach was closed to the public (but the public still came to swim.) According to the original plan, the local sheriff and the DEC were to patrol the area(s) and ensure that those using the facilities kept them clean and safe. I haven’t seen either.

It would seem that our local elected leaders have followed the lead of state bureaucrats that seem to have an axe to grind with our population. I perceive that more local political leadership is needed to ensure this precious resource is protected and maintained for our children to use versus standing outside looking in.

Next, there is a Youth Commission that is there to serve our children. What I see is a large complex built for sports on Union Mills Road, then fenced off to prevent use. I hear that there may be some issue with liability insurance. This is a facility for play. Has New York state become so heavy-ladened with lawyers that we are all at risk of being sued when a child slips and falls? If that’s the case, then our legislators need to need to leash the lawyers.

We pay dearly for a sports complex we call the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District. These facilities need to be opened for the citizens that pay for them. If the Broadalbin Youth Commission needs something to do, let them figure out a way to schedule all facilities to serve the entire community instead of starving our children of opportunities (and places) for play. If we can afford six-figure salaries for school administration, we can afford to open facilities to our populace.

In Broadalbin, not everyone has a boat or kayak to launch. Large back yards for sports events are at a premium, too. Most bike and hiking trails are relegated to the streets (a little more dangerous than a fenced-in sports complex.) If we are truly serious about providing opportunities for our children, then make it happen. We don’t need tax increases to do this, we just need the locks cut.




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