Town of Johnstown, 2020 year in review vol. III

Where are the swamp creatures? Typically you’ll find in the North Country swamps, toads, salamanders, snakes, turtles, bullhead, suckfish, but occasionally a politician or a suck-a-long. I don’t consider myself a politician/suck-a-long, I consider myself a logical person evaluating the problem, clarifying where or why it’s under scrutiny. Engineers think differently and understand constructive criticism.

Over the five years as councilman, I have clearly identified numerous issues that have been hidden in the swamp. Let’s make a small list of the publicly known ones: annexation of Mr. Bowes land that failed, consolidation efforts upon our local volunteer fire departments without their input, time clocks not installed, NYS Comptroller Fuel Audit, micro water/sewer district at town hall, drafted noise ordinance without support of the council, IT network control issues, health and dental insurance issues, union negotiating started without board acknowledgment (or that I was singled out (discrimination)), town hall hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but is only open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., code enforcement working Wednesdays for Northville and Northampton, Stock Road, Aspin Hills Water District issue, etc.

In comparison to the twin cities, in November 2020, you heard about the city of Johnstown and its list of needed improvements, it was very similar to my past editorials that discussed accountability. It’s almost as if Gloversville has read my editorials for the past four years and saw the light about revamping the city. There is going to be an improvement with Gloversville if they continue this path and make a solid plan of rehabilitation that does not take years to accomplish. With this there is one important thing to remember — trust but verify.

Now only if the swamp can get some fresh flowing water and turn into a pond with vibrant birds, sparkling water, and a verity of fish.

For five years, I have seen in inner workings of good and bad at the town. Note there are two councilmen position up for re-election this year. Time to remove part of the good old boys and have elected officials in office that do the right thing, support accountability, critical thinking, provide constructive criticism, and take initiative to be a voice for the people.

This is the last of the 2021 Year in Review.





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