The state of America today

At 75 years old, I am getting old and crotchety but I still know right from wrong. I am not always right but I know the difference. What is happening in this country for the last six months and in particular the first week of the Biden administration is just wrong and the American people will regret their choices.

Your taxes are going up significantly, energy costs will skyrocket, we will be once again be over-run with illegal immigrants, many of our freedoms and rights will be lost, unemployment will increase, the economy will continue to regress, the nonsense in Washington, DC will continue and urban violence will also continue.

As examples:

Biden has already canceled the Xcel Pipeline driving energy costs up.

Biden will repeal the Trump tax cuts increasing everyone’s taxes.

Biden will re-enter the country into the disastrous Paris Climate Change Accords further escalating energy costs penalizing all Americans while allowing China, India, Russia and many others off the hook for several years.

Biden will reverse Trump’s common-sense immigration policies.

Election laws in many states have been violated and the courts refuse to look at these violations.

Censorship of free-speech by social and the main stream media has already started.

Impeachment of a departed president over phony allegations of his involvement in the Jan. 6, violence in Washington, DC but doing nothing about the continuing violence led by left-leaning groups in numerous American cities like Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Chicago, New York. Oh, by the way, while focusing on impeachment, Congress will not be doing what the American people actually need.

Biden’s administration will come after your guns and restrict your Second Amendment rights.

And we have not even considered Biden getting cozy again with China and the huge negative impact that will have on Americans.

Good luck America — in four years, if allowed to continue, we will not recognize you.




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