Thank you to all frontline healthcare workers

As a retired nurse, I want to express my thanks and sincere admiration to all of our frontline healthcare workers as we continue to battle COVID-19. They include nurses, respiratory therapists, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants and physicians. They work in our hospitals, nursing homes, and primary care centers as well as in the community and public health.

Although as a nation, we have faced crises in the past, there have been few that have exceeded this one in scope. In a little over a year we have surpassed the number of U.S. lives lost in all of World War II. Locally, the initial surge we faced in the spring was challenging and eye opening but nothing like what we are facing now in the Capitol Region and Mohawk Valley where our hospital and ICU beds are increasingly being filled with patients struggling with COVID.

This surge is putting tremendous strain on our local resources and frontline staff. Even if you aren’t a “believer,” the facts speak for themselves. Consider what will happen when you or a family member need hospital care and there are no beds available. It can happen, and has happened in our region. Please reach out to Frontline Staff in whatever way you can to show your support. Let them know you care and be part of the solution, your actions count.




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