Shame on Sue McNeil and Elise Stefanik

I am morally compelled to respond to Fulton County Republican Chairwoman Sue McNeil’s absolutely repugnant comments, in the Jan. 8, Leader Herald, regarding U.S. 21st District Representative Elise Stefanik’s seditious conduct at the U.S. Capital on Jan. 6. I understand that many of Ms. Stefanik’s constituents were bitterly disappointed by Donald Trump’s election loss. I was likewise devastated by his win in 2016. That does not justify her attempting to help facilitate a coup. In America, you do not get to overturn a legally conducted and comprehensively vetted and adjudicated election because you are displeased with the result.

As an attractive, articulate and persuasive representative for her party, she was in a position to help her constituents and her party acclimate to the election results and move forward to represent their interests and to collaborate with her colleagues to address the myriad of grievous issues facing our region and the country. Instead, she chose to help to instigate mayhem. Could she hear the rioters chanting, “Hang Mike Pence?”

Ms. Stefanik has long promoted herself as being an ardent backer of the blue, yet the position she, her Republican allies and her president chose to take in participating in an unconstitutional challenge of the results of the election had the direct result of placing the lives of every appallingly under supported and equipped Capital police officer at risk. I sincerely hope that she takes the time to view the video of the police officer who is in agony while being crushed in a door, or the officer being bludgeoned in the head with a fire extinguisher. They are horrific and heart breaking.

I was a lifelong Republican until I could no longer recognize my party and was embarrassed to be affiliated with them. I will continue to vote for competence and character regardless of party.




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