Remember those who didn’t honor the Constitution

For those who are trying to determine which elected officials support the Constitution and which support sedition, there is an easy test. Those who have called for the immediate removal of Donald J. Trump from office are the ones who support the Constitution. Any office holder who challenged the duly certified Electoral College vote has supported sedition. Do not be fooled by their mealy mouthed condemnation of violence of the Trump inspired insurrectionist who vandalized the Capitol Building and murdered a Capitol policeman. The motive of the officials who challenged the vote and the seditious mob that stormed the Capitol was the same; to prevent the orderly transfer of power. Among those who are in this category, is Elise Stefanik. She continues her unwavering support of Donald Trump. Sadly, she was just reelected to another term. Those of us who love the Constitution, Justice and America must never forget the seditious actions of Stefanik and her ilk.




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