Please conserve on use of fossil fuels

The economy. Think it will cost too much to convert everything, transportation, buildings, agriculture, etc., to 100 percent clean energy? It’s expensive, but earth has already gained one Degree Celsius in temperature. Damages due to global warming, hurricanes, fires, sea level rise, etc. cost us dearly, in the U.S. about one percent of GDP. At 1.5 degrees warming, the world would be $20 trillion poorer, and at two degrees warming, $40 trillion poorer. At 3.7 degrees Celsius, warming would cause $551 trillion in damages. Worldwide wealth today is estimated at $280 trillion. Meanwhile, we subsidize the fossil fuel industry at $5 trillion yearly. Think what we could do with that if we closed the old, polluting plants, installing clean energy.

Unfortunately, we can’t wait. We need to reach 100 percent clean energy with the decade, or earth’s temperature will rise to the point where the results will be horrifying, in costs to both human and animal life, and economically. This will not be the world we know now, the one on which global temperatures allowed the evolution of life as we know it. Heat related damages and deaths will ravage the earth. So please, conserve fossil fuels.




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