This community needs a Code Blue shelter

I have a question for you. This question on the surface will sound like a pleasant conversation starter. This question has probably been asked for thousands of years. My question is “How did you sleep last night?” This seems like a pleasant question on the surface, but I mean to ask this in a much deeper context.

So “How did you sleep last night?” I can tell you that last night I did not sleep well. It wasn’t that I wasn’t comfortable; I was lying in my nice soft bed, the temperature was just right, my wife sleeping next to me, my kids tucked soundly in their beds. We were all safe and we were comfortable, so why didn’t I sleep well?

I didn’t sleep well because I know that while there were houses where people slept in their warm beds, there are many other people in our city who were sleeping in the cold. I laid awake last night thinking about these people who are huddled up in abandoned buildings and houses. People without food, without proper clothing, without heat; these people were not safe last night. They were in danger of starving, but even worse they were in danger of freezing. I thought of them, I prayed for them and I wept for them.

I also thought about all of the people who were lying in their warm beds who are actively fighting our efforts to offer people a warm place to stay. How can someone in good conscious tell people they are not allowed to have a warm bed and peace of mind that they won’t freeze in the middle of the night? It baffles me that anyone would be willing to deny that right to another human being.

It is my hope that people’s hearts will be softened to this group of people in our community and that they will realize while they are home sleeping in their warm beds, others are not offered the same comfort. Please join me in reaching out to your local and county representatives and your mayor, urging them to take the steps needed so that every person in Gloversville can be brought inside out of the cold and offered a warm bed and hot shower. Let’s offer them the same amenities that we have, and then maybe we can all sleep well at night.


Gloversville Free Methodist Church


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