The election was rigged by the Democrats

The election was manipulated by the Democrats in a latest attempt to rid America of Donald Trump for once and for all. They used Dominion machines, rigged these machines, bought votes, mail in laws changed in many states to accommodate the agenda they had, and had the big tech support of media with millions to assist them.

Our media assisted them, as they still are in not as allowing the truth to be viewed by the American public. They have continued to not share this news and these crimes are of a treasonous nature beyond anything seen or ever imagined prior to ruin the laws and principles that our nation has stood for.

The one thing that these criminals have not taken into view is that we can see this, and we will not let them get away with it. Anyone with a pair of eyes and a grain of the truth that media does let through can see the multiple facts that prove of this fraud the Democrats perpetrated to get rid of Trump. Media, Mark Zuckerberg, probably the CEO of Twitter, and money has aided these Democrats, with strong assumption that China also played a role in their illegal plan. Guess what? We are not blind, we are not stupid, and we will not be silent. If the sham of an American government does not swiftly and honestly correct this facade of fraud to rightfully give Mr.Trump the election of president, then what is to happen in our future may destroy us all. Beginning at the top of the Democratic ticket, Mr. Biden, and all should be formally arrested and made to answer for the crimes against the people.

If you are an American who is in agreement to this statement, I am begging you to share this as I plan to every single media outlet that I can. Mr. Biden did not win the election. It was bought and paid for, in a Democratic master plan to sell our country to its highest bidder, China.




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