Some people have lost their minds

I am responding to the letter to the editor that appeared in the Dec. 2, edition of The Leader-Herald by Deborah Handy.

It seems like people have lost their minds in this country. Not only that, but just basic common sense. Face it, the people have spoken and Joe Biden won a free and fair election despite running through a gauntlet of voter suppression, false claims of rigging the election and postal slow downs.

We have a president who deals in conspiracy theories not based in fact. He and his family has flaunted out right corruption right in the face of the average American and an enabling Republican dominated Congress who does not have the guts to stand up to him. Believe me, Trump knows how stupid people are to fall for this. Fox News and like outlets of misinformation prepared the masses to fall for this crap. Trump has destroyed the Republican Party as we once knew it. We have had a few brave Republicans who are finally speaking out and I praise them for it.

We have lived under the Constitution and a Democratic Republic for over 250 years. It amazes me that over 7 million voters are willing to throw it away.

We are currently on the cusp of losing 300,000 Americans to COVID. We have a president acting like it’s OK. He should be spending his last days as president doing his best to contain it. Instead he is doing all he can to make it worse and go out and play golf.

A lot of Evangelicals think he was sent by God. All I know God did answer my prayer and put Joe Biden in the White House on Jan. 20, 2021. God bless America.




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