Dead people have no right to vote

Election Day means just that — the election takes place on that day and on no other — that’s why it’s called “Election Day.” Until a few decades ago it was (and should continue to be) a requirement to vote in person and with identification; this minimizes the fraud that unquestionably occurs in unsolicited mail-in voting and even in absentee ballot voting. For those who cast absentee ballots the death records must be checked and if that person died on Election Day, then that voter’s vote is canceled, period.

Allowing dead people to vote on Election Day forces their choices upon us when they’re not around to enjoy (or regret) their legacy. Moreover, their vote disenfranchises the votes of living voters and that’s not just unfair, it’s immoral, in my opinion.

The only right that dead people have is the right to stay buried and even that right isn’t absolute.




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