Whose word do we want to follow for the next 4 years?

We can count on both of this year’s presidential election candidates to keep their word, but the question is, whose word do we want to follow if we get it? Trump promises to limit immigration to those who want to live where they can work to get ahead and will contribute to our prosperity while Biden promises to open it up to the hoards who want to get it all that we have without working for it and will vote for Biden to help them do it.

Trump wants us to return to the constitutional government upon which the nation was founded while Biden apparently wants to transform us into a socialist state where “the party” decides our fate. Past elections have not been so clear cut. Usually both parties recognized a problem so the “haggling” was over those solutions we should follow.

But this year is different. Do we want to scrap our traditional American government of the people, by the people and for the people or go to, as the communists propose a government “of the people and for the people but not necessarily by the people?” Our question is, which man’s objectives do we want for our country?




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