Where is the compassion?

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing you today to discuss the Code Blue Shelter located on 33 Bleeker St. in Gloversville.

There are no words for how upsetting it is to hear that there is not much support for this extremely important community accommodation for the homeless. The city of Gloversville has stated time and time again that they don’t have homeless people in their city. It’s extremely disappointing to know they are lying, because they are choosing not to see them.

Last year a gentlemen died in his car from freezing to death, because he didn’t have a warm place to stay for the night. I am aware of the one incident that occurred at the shelter, which sadly was a result of a gentlemen’s untreated mental illness. It seems like there is some major stigmas surrounding mental illness and health in Gloversville. It’s a crisis and should be treated seriously. These people are truly suffering. Especially for those who are homeless due to unforeseen circumstances.

In my understanding, the shelter is for those to go for the night when it’s below 32 degrees, so they don’t get hypothermia and die on the street. This is not a shelter for them all the time. I also understand the importance of the homeless not to cause a disturbance for the nearby businesses. However, it was clear that it was one incident that was fixed and he got help for his mental illness. The other “incidents” were all speculation. Protecting that business does not look good. Protecting the homeless, does.

In today’s world there is so much hate, evil, and dishonorable behavior. The only way we can fight that, is to show our compassion, love, and empathy towards others who need it. Please, be the good the world needs by helping the homeless, as they can’t help themselves. This is a basic form of compassion to humanity, by giving them a warm place to stay at night so they don’t die. I ask you to please, reconsider, as this is so important people aren’t dying because their city failed them.




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