The people have spoken

President Lincoln in March 1861 appointed William Henry Seward as his Secretary of State. Seward had been one of several Republican contenders for the presidency in 1860. He had big ideas and an even bigger ego.

Shortly after his appointment Seward, approached Lincoln in private, proposing that he — Seward — should be the de-facto power behind the president. Lincoln raised his eyebrows and said sternly, “Seward, the people have spoken.”

“The people have spoken:” That is, indeed, how elections have gone in the past, but in the recent case of Biden vs. Trump, some Democrats spoke more than once; they spoke twice, thrice — and a few enterprising voters spoke even more often. “Magical” ballots procreated faster than rabbits. And some dead folks were found to have voted their conscience too — it was positively supernatural.

Nonetheless, I suspect that something is rotten in Denmark. I hasten to add that I’m not talking about the legions of law-abiding democrats. I am referring to some nameless, shady characters, who had no intention of letting the people speak for themselves, and who used their positions of trust to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Despicable! Un-American!

Unfortunately, it is not likely that the outcome will be reversed. In that case, we Trump supporters, will take Whoopi Goldberg’s advice and “suck it up,” meaning only that we Trump-supporters should rant and rave about our loss for the next four years and cut-up the president on a daily basis — just as the Democrats cut up Trump from 2016 to 2020.

After all, turn around is fair play.




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