Let’s make Gloversville great again; support Code Blue

“Baby it’s cold outside,” so the song says. Some of us may be saying that to each other as the winter months start to settle in. That is why it saddens and unsettles me, that our city is not allowing the code blue shelter to open this year. The folks who put this shelter together should be applauded for their efforts. Taking a long, unused building, and creating a warm, safe space for people to be warm for a night or two. It is not, nor was it ever, intended to be a long-term homeless shelter. It certainly was not intended to offend or irritate local citizens or business owners. It was intended to help individuals or families who find themselves without heat or shelter in freezing temperatures.

We would be remiss, as a community, to think that this is an issue that does not need addressing. There is a huge need for food, shelter, employment, and medical and mental health care within our community. Many are working to make sure these issues are addressed and taken care of. We cannot continue to try and sweep it all under the carpet. Community means everyone.

In light of the current circumstances in our world, one would think we would want to lift each other up as much as we can. Communities cannot prosper nor heal if the populations basic needs cannot be met. I implore you, to support not only the code blue shelter, but your local food pantries and social service programs as well. Try to spread kindness. Be educated about the issues and slow to judgement of others. To partially borrow a phrase, “Let’s make Gloversville great again.”


Member Gloversville Council of Churches

Deacon of Grace Lutheran Church, Johnstown



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